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For us, "It Girls" don't carry on dalliances with designer bags, pretend not to dress up for a fashion week street style photo, or act the underdog when they're actually elitist. Our definition of "It Girls" is comprised of people like Heather Boo, who are beautiful because they could care less and are as much themselves when vulnerable as when emboldened. Whether they're dressed simply or sensationally, they make you want it. Heather's own style is so nonchalant, un-contrived, and intoxicatingly impulsive that it's drop dead perfect. In all aspects, Heather is her core self and nothing else, radiating the aura of authentic style icons such as Charlotte Rampling and Ali MacGraw. Our film features Heather at a poignant time in her life, departing her painter mom's nest and asserting herself as an artist and musician in her own right and among her peers and the world. Clothes and makeup never wear her: She wears them, no matter how unconventional.

Elisa & Lily

Heather Boo
Starting Heather Boo & Tristan de Chabris Reginato
Founders & Creative Directors Elisa Goodkind & Lily Mandelbaum
Director: Isaac Hughes Green
Photographer: Elisa Goodkind & Ramona Canino
Hair Stylist: Takeo Suzuki using Shu Uemura Art of Hair
Makeup Artist: Harumi Machii
Stylist: Lana Jay Lackey
Editor: Ursula Mann
Producer: Ramona Canino
AD: Cullie Poseria
Assistant Camera: Michelle DeCampo
Assistant Camera: Ainura Kazhkarimova
Gaffer: Daniel Stenzel
DIT: Cody White
Sound: Natasha Shumny

Music: "Oceans" by Heather Boo

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