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Grand Dreams in Small Places

"I've always had grand dreams," declares musician and Second Skin luminary Heather Boo. "My biggest fantasy is to perform in a sparkled silk jacket layered over a long Rapunzel dress that wraps around the window frames. People might think, 'Oh, she needs to dress like this in order to speak.' But when they hear me sing, they will say, "Never mind -- she is what she's wearing, and what she's wearing is just the cherry on top.' "

heatherboo_3 Silk button-up shirt by Jones New York, jacket by Ecote, LL Bean booties, leggings by Anonymous Brand.

The Greenwich Village original also fantasizes about performing in a "huge place with the most incredible acoustics where everything echos so that whatever you’re wearing in that moment feels powerful. There's endless marble and all eyes are on you, but you can't see anyone. I would definitely want a 20-foot ball gown that would feel like a second skin on my body. It would have the thinnest, most delicate silk I could find, intricate beading all around, a choker, and gloves. The gown would fall off of my body and trail for what seems like miles."

heatherboo_35 Silk scarf by Tristan Reginato, vintage wool jacket, hand-tailored 1940s dress, vintage skirt, and Lucca Couture pants.

"Growing up in a small apartment in a fast-paced, high-standards city, these huge possibilities put me at ease. But I'm comforted by the small. As long as I have a pen, paper, and guitar, I could live in a box for a year."


heatherboo_57 Paintings by Heather's mom.

"In high school, my style was more controlled, because I was so conscious of what people thought. But I still wore what nobody else would wear, and I couldn’t block out the judgements that people formed about me because I'd have on a corset: 'Look what the cat dragged in... Did you just come from a Burlesque show?...  You must have done acid the night before because you’re wearing all different colors.' I'm thinking, 'Well, actually, I’ve never even done acid... yet.'"

heatherboo_71 Fur hat from Colette, gold and silk jacket by Sandy Starkman, maroon blazer found in Washington Square Park in 2008, floral dress from French Connection, hand-sewn striped pants, American Apparel socks, Cheap Monday leather shoes.

"Being out of school, I can dress how I want. That life no longer exists. All I have is myself, my mother, and the places I go and the people I meet. In New York City, people make fashion statements by wearing what truly allows them to express themselves. Clothing is one of those things that says what you are like."


"The entire time I felt sexy," says Heather, regarding her Second Skin, where she spent the day in Eryn Lefkowitz's all-black designer attire. "I have a pair of black leather pants and, after that experience, I've fallen in love with them."

heatherboo_18 Silk button-up shirt by Jones New York, jacket by Ecote, LL Bean booties, leggings by Anonymous Brand.

Interviewed and photographed by Elisa

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