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Sheer pantyhose, fur, and super-sized sunglasses commandeered the spotlight in our 2011 Closet profile on Goldie Rush. In two years, the Second Skin trooper has carefully modified her Hollywood glam girl uniform, adding sophisticated (but by no means colorless) pieces such as her Moschino polychromatic blazer. No longer as untethered as she was in her LA days, Goldie is an even more polished flower child, reflecting her ambitious career as an image consultant, blogger, fashion designer, and budding musician.

The gold-netted tee that Goldie wore in 2011 is now a tunic that overlays her hand-dyed, hand-painted body stockings, which are the stars of her style story. The sheer pieces, which combine her love of lingerie and thigh-highs, sometimes leave her breasts uncovered, but, as Goldie clarifies, "They're not sexual. They're sensual." No homage to raunch or trash, Goldie's garments are a tribute to her mother -- a funny, creative, and, yes, sexy woman, whose memories serve as continuous source of inspiration for her. They also allow the bicycle enthusiast to express her newfound love for her New-York fit body. In a committed relationship, Goldie reveals, "My boyfriend is 98 percent awesome about the body stockings. But every now and then he'll suggest that I put on a bra. I respect that. I'm not a single lady running around with her boobs out anymore."

Feeling more at home than ever her in mind, body, and spirit, Goldie felt palpably smothered when she had to wear Grace's wools and leather blacks on a hot summer day for Second Skin: "I have a couple of banging heels in my closet, but I don't want to wear them because I'm uncomfortable. Nothing looks worse than a girl who can't walk in her heels. You look good when you look comfortable."

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