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 Dress by Biya for her line Johnny Was

Hypnotized by "dull moments," like the afternoon and the shadows of beach bums, Biya has a love for life that she refers to as her "signature." She's fervent about fire dancing, Burning Man, trance music that reminds her of familiar places like the Sinai desert (near to where she grew up in Tel Aviv), and curling up in a ball with her teenage daughter to discuss teenage things. With a seamstress mother and a father who owned a sewing machine factory, Biya is consumed with "everything original," especially when it comes to embroidered and embellished fabrics, as displayed in the designs of her three clothing lines. Draped in eclectic clothes of her own design, Biya describes her life and style as "global with a strong Mediterranean influence." With her colorful head of braids, Biya never has a bad hair day. Having married her husband many times (from Tahiti ceremonies to LA's City Hall), the couple hasn't unlocked eyes since the day they met.

- xo Elisa & Lily



Johnny Was dresses by Biya


Johnny Was dress by Biya


Johnny Was dress by Biya

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