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Adarsha's mother's dress

We caught up with Adarsha and her new born baby, Juniper Lee. It was truly magical being with her -- the aura of motherhood and the community of mothers around her was enveloping. - xo Elisa & Lily


Juniper Lee 

"I was born in Seattle, I grew up in Brooklyn, and I moved to LA when I was 17 as an actress," Adarsha told us. "At the time, my idea of acting was a little more pure than LA showed it to be for me. I love LA now. It's not love/hate. It's never-ending love. There's a part of LA you never understand, which is what always keeps it mysterious. It's like with film: you never totally understand exactly why you're still here (because for obvious reasons that everyone complains about), but then there's the obvious reasons why everyone loves it. Somewhere in between you find your groove."



Reformation jumper


California Holiday vintage dress




Adarsha's mother's dress 


"I would like to see less repression and more allowing for feelings to be felt and for people to be who they are. If we teach these sort of simple ideas from the get-go, and we raise a world of people who aren't so angry, who aren't so afraid, then maybe the world gets a little less crazy. Having a kid makes you think about all that stuff even more... Who knows what power she has to contribute to the good?"


Photographs by Elisa Goodkind

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