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Goodbye Weight Watchers, Hello New York

Besides being a fashion designer, a Degen denizen, a Second Skin alumni, and a motorcross-meets-anime striver, Amy Cakes Danky Dank is an absolute role model for how chill she is about her curves. While I was dieting and trudging from store to store with my mom, crying as I tried to find the one and only pair of skinny jeans that would fit a body type that wasn't my own, Amy was kicking Weight Watchers to the curb and embracing her figure.

Get more of Amy's inspiring curvy style and story below.


img008 Amy when she was about five years old.

"When I was around six, I lived in the country in New Mexico, which was like a 90s Little House on the Prairie. The other kids rode bulls, had horses, and wore big belt bucklers. I dressed myself by mixing patterns and colors (much like I do today). I matured faster -- both mentally and physically -- than my peers. I was the tallest girl and I had curves and boobs. By elementary school, I was wearing training bras. It was hard to find my style of clothes in a size that fit me. I had to start wearing teenage clothes way before I was actually a teenager."


"I would only really think about my body when it came up with other people, like with my parents, bullies, or friends. I had a friend in 8th grade, and whenever I slept over at her house, she would offer me pajama plants to sleep in. I told her that I was fine, because I knew that I wouldn't fit them. But even this didn't bother me (although it was weird)."


"My body ties into my overall identity of myself. By the end of my freshman year in high school, I officially realized that I can love myself for who I am. I started to have better conversations with my mom, because I found the strength to tell her, 'This is who I am. I am never going to be skinny, and I don't care about counting calories or setting a "goal weight" for Weight Watchers.'"

amycakesdankydank_98 Shoes by DEGEN, RHLS tights, H&M skirt, Rainbow top, Bond Hardware necklace, Vampire Freaks choker, Toki Doki headband.

"I know what to show and what to accentuate. During high school, I had a bathing suit from Target that was booty shorts and a halter top that covered my stomach. I don't bare my stomach that often. I'll wear a crop top, but not a full-stomach crop top. It's not that I need to hide my stomach, it's more that I know what looks good on my body.  Sometimes I'll buy a piece that is meant to be worn on someone who is skinny, but I'll find a way to make it work on my body."




amycakesdankydank_59 Trash & Vaudeville platforms and Amy Cakes pants.

"If I could talk to my high-school self, I would be so excited. I've always worked toward coming to New York and blossoming. Now, I've graduated from Parsons and have personally met many of my idols, including Jeremy Scott. In high school, I read an article about him in i-D where he said that when he was in high school he dyed his hair orange and dressed up like Cyndi Lauper. Whenever Scott rode the bus, people thought that he was some cool, crazy chick."
"When you look at museum paintings of beautiful naked women lying on a couch, they're never crazy stick-thin. They're full-figured and wide-hipped. To be able to relate to these classic beauties makes me feel beautiful."
"You have to keep your spirit. Even though shit got thrown at me, I was still determined to finish high school and get into Parsons. Even if I hadn't have gotten into Parsons, I still would've moved to New York and figured it out.  I've always had the drive to work and to push on through. When you feel bogged down in everything, you owe it to yourself to be your best self."

amycakesdankydank_46 Spiky necklace from a Halloween store, devil's headband from a random headband store Uptown, Thor motorcross shield, House of Ladosha tee shirts, Trash & Vaudeville platforms, Winchester jacket, Amy Cakes pants.

Photographed and interviewed by Elisa

In the first photo, Amy wears an Iko Ino necklace, a Minju Kim for H&M bib, thrifted yellow shirt, bra top and skirt from Rainbow, tights and socks by DEGEN.

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