A Conversation with Mae Lapres, More
A Conversation with Mae Lapres

I get that models showing up for Go Sees in a "sober" (to use Mae's description) uniform of black skin-tight jeans, white tee, a pony tail, and a Balenciaga bag creates a certain white canvas for the perspective hirer. But maybe it's time to wonder why our culture demands that the person who embodies the visuals of a brand should erase themselves. Why not have someone modeling your clothes whose personality would infuse them with a genuine inventiveness and understanding? Why not desire their authenticity instead of something simulated and smothered?

I look at Mae and how her crocodile fringe bag from Bangkok adds just the perfect bohemian affect to her color-blocked, pop-arty, Castelbejac blazers and I know she's got vision and an acuity that makes me want to know more. She's so brave to share her body image struggles that have occurred within the fashion industry. Her conclusion that those with confidence -- not necessarily outward beauty alone -- magnetize you towards them is something she has learned the hard way, which makes her all the more textured and engaging. Mae wears her Indonesian dresses with the same self-possession that others wear jeans. She has authority, whereas an army of robots in invariable uniforms does not. Yes, Mae, we, too, agree that those who look happy and healthy in their bodies would be more compelling when selling anything. Take her praise for Beyonce and Rhianna: "They like their bodies. They have big thighs but they wear tiny shorts and they look gorgeous in them. Those are girls I'd admire. I have respect for them."

- Elisa Goodkind


Dress from Indonesia. 



Left: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac jacket, Topshop shoes. Right: Bag from Thailand.


Jeffrey Campbell shoes. 


  Jean-Charles de Castelbajac jacket, Topshop shoes.


 Dress from Indonesia, Jeffrey Campbell shoes. 

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