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For our Kickstarter, we're offering an array of rewards that reflect the unique, endlessly expressive world that is StyleLikeU. Not only can you get private Skype sessions with your favorite What's Underneath subject and with us, but we have also some special collaborations to share.

Our years of documenting extraordinary people with real style has given us a diverse community of trailblazing artists, photographers, poets, designers and more. We’ve asked some of the most passionate supporters in our community to collaborate on distinct rewards that reflect the spirit of StyleLikeU and The What’s Underneath Project.

Many of our initial collaborations have already been reserved, so we have partnered with more of the artists, designers, and cooks in our community to bring you new ones. We are so thankful to everyone for graciously donating their treasures and talents as a way to support our global movement for self-acceptance. This Holiday season, don't just get gifts, get a piece of a movement that will fundamentally alter how culture celebrates and defines beauty.

Check out some of the collaborations below:


An “awake” ring by the statement, spiritual, and mythological jewelry designer Britt Bolton


A tote bag designed specially for What's Underneath by designer twins Coco & Breezy. They are favs of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, among others, and have been a part of the StyleLikeU family since the beginning.


A painting from Alice Lancaster, who blow beauty norms wide open by portraying confident, dynamic women and their beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes


A drapey, hand-dyed dress from the Peruvian Goddess (and new mom) Maria Calderon


An hour-long matchmaking session with in-demand matchmaker Amy Van Doran, a real-life Cupid who just might help you find your one true love.


A necklace as graceful and effortless as its designer, Malu Byrne


A private cooking lesson with Laila Gohar, the Sunday Supper founder, whose soulful food has her catering parties for LVMH, Refinery29, Urban Outfitters, and more.


Artisanal rings from Alice Waese that will feel like a natural extension of your body.


A painting from on-the-rise artist, Keating Sherwin, whose Egon Schiele-esque work mirrors her passion for the beauty of the human body and the inner world of her subjects.

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