I Am What's Underneath, Kickstarter
Cheers to Our Kickstarter Launch Event!

Last Tuesday at the Hole Gallery, we had our Kickstarter launch event to raise money for a documentary that will turn What's Underneath into a Global Movement for Self Acceptance. Since the very beginning of StyleLikeU, five years ago, it has been clear to us that having our community of open-spirits in one room would elevate anyone to the ceiling with their authentic style and positive energy. But last Tuesday surpassed our expectations, and we were literally vibrating from the love and support. This is how change happens, one individual at a time.

For everybody that came, and everybody everywhere that supports us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sparking the change that’s needed in this world and for owning a piece of this movement. We are in this together!

For pictures from the event, scroll down. And please don't forget to back our project on Kickstarter. Every person's contribution counts.

Elisa + Lily

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_119 Photo by Roger Kisby

Sara Sophie Flicker

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_081 Photo by Roger Kisby

Sana Rashid

DJ Louie XIV

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_234 Photo by Roger Kisby

Kenyon Phillips

IMG_8483 Photo by High it's Mikey

Patti and Jesse Smith during their unforgettable performance

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_025 Photo by Roger Kisby

Patricia Fox

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_253 Photo by Roger Kisby

Dev Hynes

Melanie Gaydos and her boyfriend

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_050 Photo by Roger Kisby

Grace Lee

IMG_8430 Photo by High it's Mikey

Cipriana and Takenya Quann

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_277 Photo by Roger Kisby

Zippora Seven

IMG_8428 Photo by High it's Mikey

Karyn Starr

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_124 Photo by Roger Kisby

Mia Lidofsky

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_214 Photo by Roger Kisby



111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_030 Photo by Roger Kisby

Arabelle Sicardi

Sam and Dev

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_238 Photo by Roger Kisby

Lily and some of her best friends

IMG_8489 Photo by High it's Mikey

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_223 Photo by Roger Kisby

Dynasty Ogun

Tziporah Salamon

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_257 Photo by Roger Kisby

Samantha Urbani

IMG_8461 Photo by High it's Mikey

Amy Van Doran and Meredith Graves

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_011 Photo by Roger Kisby

Lia Chavez

IMG_8278 Photo by High it's Mikey


111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_016 Photo by Roger Kisby

David Shing

IMG_8502 Photo by High it's Mikey

Melanie during her speech

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_194 Photo by Roger Kisby

Trae Harris and Josiah Wise

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_162 Photo by Roger Kisby

Jessica Lapidos

IMG_8414 Photo by High it's Mikey

Syrie Moskowitz

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_113 Photo by Roger Kisby

Cipriana Quann

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_154 Photo by Roger Kisby

Andrew and Andrew

IMG_8343 Photo by High it's Mikey

Valerie Geffner

IMG_8560 Photo by High it's Mikey

Dynasty, Jeffrey Williams, and Trae

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_292 Photo by Roger Kisby

Alice Lancaster

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_220 Photo by Roger Kisby

Kelsey Lu McJunkins

IMG_8396 Photo by High it's Mikey

Arpana Rayamajhi

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_201 Photo by Roger Kisby

Zarzan and Jacky O'Shaughnessy

111814_StyleLikeU_RogerKisby_282 Photo by Roger Kisby

Shannon Clagett

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