How Carmen Fozzard Learned to Feel Most Secure At Her Biggest, Getting Dressed: An Act of Self-Love
How Carmen Fozzard Learned to Feel Most Secure At Her Biggest

Born in Mozambique and growing up in Maryland, where pretty was synonymous with white and skinny, curvy and brown-skinned Carmen spent most of her middle school days in the bathroom at school trying to “fix” herself in the mirror. Eventually, the homogeneity Carmen was surrounded by created so much self-hate that she turned to cutting herself in order to find relief from the alienation and sadness. It wasn’t until she came to New York City, where Carmen began to see her likeness, both on the streets and in other bigger sized role models in the media, that Carmen began to love her body. Recognizing that she felt the most insecure at her skinniest, today Carmen feels beautiful like a Renaissance painting, with her rolls, thick thighs, and overall “squishiness.” Feeling “not too fat for anything,” she is now smashing the status quo as a model herself and continuing the up and down journey of healing her wounds.

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