Growing Up Together: Our Journey with StyleLikeU, Elisa & Lily
Growing Up Together: Our Journey with StyleLikeU

Today we are sharing our #YouthList, which tells all about the ways that we remain present and passionate in the fulfillment of our dreams. We thank StriVectin for encouraging us to articulate and value these achievements. We had a lot of laughs and memories while putting this together.

By starting StyleLikeU, as a mother-daughter team, the two of us have both been forced to confront many of our greatest fears. The way that we cope with the enormous challenges of creating a business (one that goes against the grain) and working together is by learning to live in the moment and seize each day. Even though it's not always easy or secure, we are so fulfilled by living for a calling that is greater than ourselves. Big portions of our lives have had to go onto the back burner, which creates an even more intense emphasis on living in our truths and appreciating the support of our community, which inspires us everyday.

Now for that #YouthList, which is a combination of the cliffs we've jumped off of, the lessons we've learned and the ways that we have grown and continue to grow since starting StyleLikeU.

I dropped my 25+ year, booming career as a fashion stylist - Elisa

I transferred from USC in LA to NYU in NYC in order to be closer to my mom and to the heart of where we were building SLU. - Lily

I am navigating cyberspace as a product of the 70s and Lily totally ignores me when I ask her to help me with my techno-handicaps. - Elisa


I taught myself how to edit videos in Final Cut, and proceeded to edit the first 400 closet interviews in my bedroom and Starbucks. - Lily

I willingly spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with people that are under 25 years old, have chronic ADD and who are obsessed with Beyonce (haha). - Elisa

When we were making our first book, three weeks before the deadline, we realized that half of the images were saved in the wrong format, so I scrambled and re-shot and edited the photos of 75 people in two weeks. That is not an exaggeration. - Lily

206230_10150218797300250_3196790_n Our first book.

In the pursuit of finding cool people for the site, I used to go to events six nights a week after a full day of shooting. - Elisa

I am now officially SLU's "Head of Business Development," and I am teaching myself everything as I go. - Lily

I know that our Second Skins have the power to live on TV, so I am not shying away from the challenge of getting it there. I am going head-on into Hollywood to make it happen. - Lily

1231121_10151871028825250_355604415_n My mom and I behind the camera.

I have no time for a normal social life, so now my main source of fun is going to the Russian Baths (which is my salvation from stress and screens). - Elisa

We have both become pros at walking up to any and all strangers everywhere after having scouted so many people for the site. In fact, this week, I will be walking up to strangers left and right at SXSW where we will be shooting for our new series, Dailies. - L

I am taking selfies of myself every day as a challenge to not worry about what people think, which is what I admire in many people we interview. - Elisa

e selfie 1 One of my selfies.

I used to be super shy, like basically mute, until I was forced to interview people for the site. Now, I can't stop talking. - Lily

We have both gotten really good at not taking "no" for an answer. For example, right now we are chasing down our dream people to feature, like Erykah Badu, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono and Russel Brand, and we will persist until it happens, because we know we have synergistic messages to share. - E&L

I love what I do so much that my husband has to remind me to stop and eat dinner. -Elisa

tim-and-elisa My husband, Tim.

I recently threw away my skinny jeans and decided to stop hating my body after interviewing so many confident women of all shapes and sizes. - Lily

In the last year, I have forced myself to stop worrying about what people think and am writing more personal articles about myself on the website (a la last week's dorky Beyoncé lovefest) - Lily

Even though it's not natural to us, we are pushing ourselves more and more to the forefront of the brand, because we feel it is necessary for people to relate to our passions, our sacrifices, our hardships and our triumphs, in order to spread our message. -Lily

aa 1 Rock Ur Body!

Even though it scares us, we are going to put together a college speaking tour, because we have an empowering message to offer that age-group for their futures and self-confidence. - E&L

We've let the trials and tribulations of this journey bring us closer together as family. - E&L

936703_10101963357752174_742511519_n My brother and I kissing our mom.

What is on your #YouthList?

Elisa and Lily

Special thanks to StriVectin for encouraging us to put our #YouthList together. We encourage you all to share your most inspiring aspirations by adding #YouthList to your images on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


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