This Summer's Obsessions: Searching for Sugarman, Elisa & Lily
This Summer's Obsessions: Searching for Sugarman


Searching for Sugarman, directed by Malik Bendjelloul, is a true story about a musician named Rodriguez from the early 70's who many from the music industry deemed to have the promise of a Bob Dylan. However, after two albums that did not sell in the US, he disappeared, and the rumors of what happened to him ran the gamut. I can't give the rest away, but it left me reinforced with the notion that often the truest of artists have no ego, a notion that I have an endless fascination with. Humility is such a rare and admirable force. In addition, the mysterious tale is yet another reminder that no matter one's lack of finances, seminal style is innate and often the most inspiring.

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What's Underneath