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My Inner Marie Antoinette At Full Blast: The Way We Wore

Every time I go to LA to shoot for SLU, the first thing I think is: Yay, I can go to my favorite vintage shops. One of which is The Way We Wore. I tend to be way too serious about everything and struggle with enjoying the frivolities of life, but not when it comes to clothes. The entire time at the Broadway musical, Pippin, last night, I kept thinking about how much I would love those purple and teal Victorian shoes that probably no one else noticed. And my inner Marie Antoinette comes out at full blast when in Doris's fantabulous shop on La Brea. I am always reminded when I am in it (while hyperventilating over everything, from the endless Victorian jackets to colorful, embroidered frocks) that something a little pricey here is not only 3 times less than the best designers in Barneys, but, these days, way better in quality. This is the kind of shop that the designers get inspiration from. So why not go right to the source?



I bought this.



I bought these too.


This was out of my price range.





This ivory pendant is killer.


I sadly had to leave these behind, because I couldn't take one step without hurting my feet (but I would consider for decoration).


 I covet all of these pieces. Maybe next time...


 Now that I'm looking at this skirt again, I am contemplating getting it.


I am dreaming about the second ones on the left. But they're over-the-knee, so I'm not quite sure.



 I wish Lily had told me to put my belt on right for this photo (and for this entire shoot). I'm kind of mad at her. But we're trying to get it together.


Photos by Lily



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