The Fashion Industry Now and Then, Elisa & Lily
The Fashion Industry Now and Then

On Sunday, my mom (aka StyleLikeU co-founder Elisa) and I had a heart to heart so that she could illuminate our current theme, Fashion Warriors. My mom told me more about why she related to Not Vogue's Steve Oklyn, the ski-masked subject of our first video who is questioning the current state of the industry and how it relates to the current state of our world.

My mom explains that each of our upcoming videos feature people who remind her of the kind of environment that she styled in during the 70s and 80s. They are fashion diehards -- almost every fiber of their being goes into making truly singular, creative paths in their lives:

There's stylist Shirley Kurata, who lives in a 60s pop universe with vintage Geoffrey Beene and Mad Men secretary dresses in abundance; designer Bonnie Young, whose fearless travel to tribes on all ends of the planet have opened her mind and closet to the unrivaled beauty and joy of indigenous cultures; designer Michele Eli, who thrives on a new dialogue with strangers by wearing a Commes des Garcon ensemble in the Paris subway that is so extravagant in design that she can't go to the bathroom or eat; vintage collector Ali, a truly noble savage whose infatuation with Americana classicism and all things worn-around-the-edges will makes your heart race.

These videos are all coming soon. But for now, check out my mom's real-deal Grateful Dead t-shirt (she's into all things new but, at the same time, has never left the 70s) as well the badass beauty Peaches (our dog).



Elisa & Lily's video was edited by Maximiliano Gaston Longo, featuring "Hardest of the Hard" by StoryArk.

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