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My Style Soul Mate: Bianca and A Little Wicked


For community month, we decided that it would be fun to highlight and honor the people and places that are integral to providing us community in our daily New York City hustle-and-bustle lives. These are the spots that we can rely on to feel a sense of home and ritual amidst a sea of chain stores and missed connections.

Little Wicked is the boutique for vintage fashion finds in NYC4

Little Wicked is the boutique for vintage fashion finds in NYC3

For me, when I stumbled upon A Little Wicked a few years ago, I felt like I was walking into my own closet, except with lots more amazing options. Filled with printed dresses, hand-woven bags from around the world, flannels, Irish knit sweaters, warn-in denim jackets, beaded belts, and statement jewelry, Bianca's vision and curation of her store is so similar to my visual sensibility that it is almost freaky. I think she is my style soul mate!





Being just a block away from my mom's apartment / our "office," and a few blocks away from my own place, walking into A Little Wicked has become something that I look forward to on weekend mornings after I grab my iced coffee or when I need a break from staring at my computer during the middle of a workday. I always find at least one thing to add to my collection (my most recent favorite purchase has been a silver jingly anklet that makes it so you can hear me walking from a mile away). I often have to stop myself from buying stuff that I already have -- my mom and brother asking me, "Lily, do you really need another long white eyelet skirt or a Mexican embroidered muumuu?" But everything she has is just so colorful and uplifting that I usually can't resist.


Little Wicked is the boutique for vintage fashion finds in NYC7



Lindsey Feinberg (a good friend) & me trying on clothes... she bought these pants! 

Another perk of the shop is that if you stop by on the weekends when Bianca is working, she is known to whip out a bottle of champagne and play the best old-school hip hop/R&B, which turns shopping into a family dance party.



Bianca & Louie XIV (my brother) dancing. 


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