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Stepping Out From Behind the Camera

Last week, it was Lily’s turn to get in front of the camera for What's Underneath. Now, it’s mine. I was pretty psyched for my chance to let it all out until I literally had an anxiety attack about what I was going to wear. It had to be that exact expression of me, down to the tiniest detail (and I don't really own a bra.) I was momentarily apoplectic and my bedroom looked like a tornado had hit it. Ironically, one of my biggest struggles is with being misunderstood, so I make myself understood with what I’m wearing, and, once I finally got it together, I was ready to be understood with what I was NOT wearing.

Quickly into the interview, I stopped caring about external details and felt as if I was in a meditation, digging down deep and forgetting about my clothes altogether. I had some revelations that surprised me, but the biggest one was how my quest for the truth, which has caused me a lot of pain in my life, actually paid off in in spades as a mother. Your kids are your mirror, and mine have enabled me to face what I don’t like about myself and to be in my truth. “You can't lie to yourself and be a good parent” dribbled out of my mouth near the end of my video, which made shedding the layers (and some tears) totally worth it.

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Elisa's episode was edited by Andrea Cruz
The What's Underneath Project is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

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