Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, Elisa & Lily
Your Soul Can't Be Bought

Since StyleLikeU began (2009), we've always struggled to show just how personal the site is to us. The story behind the stories that we feature are in and of themselves as interesting as the videos due to the connection that we make with our muses. We are 1000 percent aware of the selfie, social media culture, and talking about ourselves is about as natural to us as chivalry is to Terry Richardson. However, we know that the story of StyleLikeU will never evolve if we don't open up.

Basically, StyleLikeU is a synonym for us. We live and breathe this. From dreaming incessantly about what muses to introduce each other to, to being invigorated weekly by a refreshing take on a style detail or life lesson, to brainstorming hashtags, answering emails, and coming up with ideas 24/7/365 (holidays and weekends aren't a part of our lives). We interview and shoot everyone ourselves, and we do so not because of their Twitter following or because we're getting paid to promote them, but because their lives inspire us to such an extent that the idea of not being able to share our endless revelations with the entire world would feel akin to suffocation.

So, this is our dilemma: How can you have an uber personal website without revealing the persons for whom it's so uber personal for?

In the past, we've made some attempts to get ourselves out there -- a video on Mother's Day or a post about body image -- but now we're trying to up the game. We're posting articles, creating informal Monday chats (these are beyond painful, as they are unedited and impromptu, and we are acutely aware of how much we need to get at these), and, now, monthly videos that take you behind the scenes of StyleLikeU in a way that our grainy, Photo Booth updates can't.

See us prepare for our Hasidic video launch at the Soho Synagogue, as well as our Women on Men Round Table. We also divulge the origins of StyleLikeU and what it's like to be in a mother-daughter business.

Please be patient with our shynesss and camera stiffness. We can barely watch. But we hope that the video elicits a totally different reaction from you and that it helps you to better understand the overall foundation of StyleLikeU.


Elisa & Lily

Video shot & edited by Andrea Cruz


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