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Come Together: A Preview Of Our Community Theme

One of us (Elisa) has recently been nostalgic for one of her favorite rock bands, Jefferson Airplane, and their song "We Can Be Together,"  with its impassioned lyrics that implores people towards unison when it comes to battling society's ignorant walls. For the both of us, the song relates to StyleLikeU's mission: to provide a platform where we pull people together who inspire us to push the boundaries. Our craving for collaboration and forming inspiring communal bonds led us to create a series of videos around the theme of Community.

In our conversation, we preview the communities that we'll be shining the spotlight on this month:

The designers threeASFOUR, whose union embodies world peace in that one is Palestinian, one is Israeli, and one is Russian/German; the Hassids and their dedication to a tribal-like heritage that is thousands of years old; the Afropunk Fest and how it brings together some of the most killer music and original style in the world today (not to mention an interview with Saul Williams, whose zeal for an unbendable truth in the form of the spoken word sends chills down our spine); RoseLee Goldberg, the founder of Performa, which has rejuvenated the NYC art world by bringing artists out from behind their work; Paul Manza, a yogi who has manifested intentional communities both Upstate and in Brooklyn, attracting people who radiate an inner glow and fervor to save the planet; Charlotte Kidd, a photographer who's on the frontier in Red Hook, housing in her warehouse a place for artists to work and connect (something very needed with the gentrification of NYC); and the adorable, on-the-rise rap group, Phony Ppl, a pack of eight talented kids whose main objective is to function like a family clan making music.

The style of these communities belies their profundity. Shooting them has given us a natural high as well as hope that "we" will someday triumph over "me."

Elisa & Lily


Video Edited by Asya Mutazammil

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Elisa & Lily
Elisa & Lily