Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, Elisa & Lily
Inspiration in Hidden Places: Paris Behind the Scenes

What rocks our world is the inspiration that's found in hidden places -- creative renegades who fly below the radar or the rare ones who exist above it. Yet the energy and sparks that ignite during our actual shoots gets lost all too often. Thus, after four years of neglecting to share what happens behind the cameras, we decided to document the enchantment of our recent trip to Paris for our second behind-the-scenes video.

We always fantasize about the things we are going to do in a new city. But, per usual, once our plane hit the Paris runway, we didn't go out late at night and find cute French men (as Lily would have dreamed) or sit outside the majesty of the Louvre and think of the kings and queens that have done the same (as Elisa would have envisioned.) Instead, we made a beeline to Jeando Cardi, an operatic street-singer who wears his own crown and carries his own specter (and that's just the tip of the iceberg.) Within the subsequent 72 hours, we filmed ageless nomad Michele Lamy and her daughter Scarlett Rouge; renegade breakdancer Ylva Falk; history buff and costumer Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet; pop princess and designer Yaz Bukey, and bohemian stylist Ondine Azoulay. All of them became our week's psychic nourishment -- no sightseeing needed.

By themselves, our Paris subjects are inimitable in their style, their homes, and their courageous life choices; together, they're an undeniable tribe of open-hearted gems whose stories made foregoing French food for the quick fix of falafel totally worth it. With no agenda whatsoever, our shoots are a spontaneous dive into rabbit hole, with Lily keeping Elisa's random tangents in check and Elisa trying to adhere to Lily's vision of the final product. In the end, there's a shared cigarette, an intimate connection, and both of us crushing and panting to capture the realms of their imaginations. So, if you've ever been curious about the relationship between us and our subjects, or if you just want to see some dreamy shots of Paris, please watch our second behind-the-scenes video now.

Elisa & Lily

Shot by Andrea Cruz
Edited by Andrea Cruz

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Elisa & Lily
Elisa & Lily
Elisa & Lily