Alicia Napoleon, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Strong Is The New Sexy, A World Champion Boxer Who Loves Her Thunder Thighs

In our newest Dispelling Beauty Myths series with Allure, we’re confronting the one-dimensional standards of beauty that prevent us all from inhabiting our freest and most beautiful selves. In this installment, World Boxing Champion Alicia “The Empress” Napoleon explains the struggles she's faced as an athletic female whose muscular body hasn’t always been understood, by herself and others, as beautiful or "feminine." But even after being taunted on the playground for her muscular stature or having family members criticize her thick legs growing up, Alicia now couldn’t be more proud of her built physique, which she has also made her life’s work. “You’re gonna build up your body, it’s a woman’s body, not a man’s body,” she explains. “So how could it look masculine? You look strong. Strong is the new sexy.”

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