Charly & Margaux, Dailies
Friendship (& Violins) At First Sight

We’ve brought back our Dailies for our celebration of Black Lives Matter & Black History Month! Our first video features Chargaux -- aka Charly & Margaux. They are an eclectic duo who have been friends since the day Margaux spotted Charly, with a mohawk and a violin, in Copley Square. “You can’t put me into a box,” says Margaux. And we love how both of these girls followed their truth by passionately building their careers with performances in the subway, or,  with, Charly, how she continued to express herself through her colorful hair even though the all-black sororities outcasted her for it. For the complete story of Charly & Margaux, watch the video above!

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The song in the video is Chargaux's "The Long Ranger"
Listen to more of their  music
Charly & Margaux's video was edited by Paul O'Brochta

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