Leaving the Tabloid Bullies in the Dust

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A SLU OG since her ’12 Closet, Tallulah’s spirit is as unlocked and gutsy as they come, so we couldn’t wait to take it another step deeper and take it all off, right down to her core. In oversized denim everything, to-die-for Gucci loafers, and a DIY dye-job that we’re obsessed with, Tallulah let it all hang beautifully out. She was so brave to let it rip about her journey with body dysmorphia, and its paralyzing, destructive mindsets, due to a teenage lifetime of tabloid bullying that is so despicable, we can’t imagine how these people sleep at night. But it’s Tallulah who’s having the last laugh, finally finding herself closer to the future her, who was always in her head but had been far away from her reality. No longer interested in needing to be the life of the party, and feeling pretty in shirts buttoned up to her chin, Tallulah is happily focused on “letting the world flow from the fingertips” — that it to say, writing on her blog, the Clothing Coven, encouraging girls to replace harmfully competing over who’s skinnier with girl-crushes and mutual inspiration. We’re totally down with her directive to stop looking in the mirror at the outside and to trust that feeling like a princess everyday is a state of mind that comes from within. As Tallulah herself reveals, “For the first time, I like myself on the inside.”

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  • Åsa

    Amazingly gorgeous. Love her!

  • Jessica Yates

    I just discovered SLU and I am so thankful for it. It has truly brought me some deep inspiration and sweet glimmers of happiness throughout the week. <3
    It is wonderful to see/hear people in an honest and organic way.
    Keep being beautiful!

  • Sally

    At 8 mins, profound words from such a young woman. I wish at her age I had come to such a realisation. Killer smile, the world at her feet. All the best.

  • Stylista

    She’s really lovely!

  • Cindy Gallop

    I don’t take my clothes off for just anyone :) I did for StyleLikeU because #whatsunderneath matters – and love that Tallulah did this too. Great, honest interview – and how gorgeous does she look with her clothes off, AS DOES EVERYONE.

  • Aria Cavaliere Negri

    She is such a badass…and beautiful to boot!!

  • rita thomas

    Love you, Love what your doing!

  • Stazia Loren

    Talulah, You are amazing and wonderful. Keep walking on the yellow brick road of life. You are an inspiration to all.

  • Marie-S.

    I almost cried when Elisa said at the end, that she hopes that Tallulah realizes her beauty, because that was exactly what I was thinking the whole video. So sad, that someone so beautiful could be tricked into thinking that she is not.
    Also I wanted to say that I very much enjoy every one of your projects and episodes. I have been following you since you first posted profiles, and still am amazed how you always can give these persons a space to share their stories, thoughts and sometimes such personal fears. It shows that we all have some kind of wisdom within, buried underneath everyday life and a lot of superficiality – and also, that if we all listened and opened up more, we could prevent a lot of darkness.
    I still hope that someday I can put my insecurities aside and be more courageous (stylewise, but also in general) and open up like these people do in front of your cameras.

  • Arja Lechuga

    not to feed into these very issues you are talking about, Tellulah, (as if you are even reading these comments)…, but you are GORGEOUS. Can’t take my eyes off of you. I suffer the same issues with BDD, and feel I relate specifically to you and your sisters particularly. Because of the features we gained from both of our parents, the masculine facial features from our dad’s we perhaps didn’t want and the strange morphed features that will inevitably turn into our mom’s very face. I’ve even been compared to your sis, Rumer, by others as well. Listening to you right now I felt like I was hearing myself speak, but in a future tense and sense of self that I hope to someday gain the courage to have. I am 30 just in August and therefore much older than you but you are handling all of this well beyond your years and social stature. I cannot imagine going through all of my insecurities actually IN the very face of what this disease IS. I live in nowhere’sville California and as crazy as it sounds feel like I am going out to face the scrutiny of paparazzi everyday when I step off my front door step (but of course, no one’s there analyzing me like that, just I am. But that’s what this disease is!) So for you to ACTUALLY do it, and speak out, and reach out for help, is amazing. (Also, I have to say, you and your sissies and mum have come under the brunt end of a heavy bat for some reason in this arena. With people being particularly nasty and unwarrantedly mean spirited towards you all, I have no idea why, because you are all so unique and beautiful). I am so glad I listened to this interview, I would’ve never known all of this about you. And for the record, as someone who picks at pics and faces more than anyone, you are amazing looking. inside and out. thank you : )

  • http://www.lisathomsonlive.com Lisa Thomson

    She is beautiful. I’m sorry she felt her ‘face’ wasn’t pretty? Love her look and her attitude. Very brave.

  • sandy

    what is doing I am fine with that but do you really have to strip to make your point?. Can be construed s pure publicity stunt. And how about dropping the willis name, I bet she would not get 8 seconds. talk to me about this disorder. I will tell you what its really like.

  • With Fortitude

    This kid is suffering from not looking like her famous mother in any way. Boo Hoo
    She doesn’t have the acting chops nor looks so she creates a crutch. Be yourself Tallulah ! Your biggest worry is who is really your friend because the ones you have now are obviously agreeing with your behavior because of who you are. The good new is Tallulah you will get older and find your health trumps any look you would ever long to have……

  • K.

    Growing up I was so in awe of how uniquely beautiful Tallulah and her sisters were (& still am). It breaks my heart to know she thought any different.

  • Bill Johnson

    You are beautiful just who you are – don’t care about anyone else’ judgement, especially the fashion industry commercial flesh grinding machine crushing you to mince.