If You’re Different, It’s Sunlight in Somebody’s World

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Jillian Mercado is a hero — our kind of celebrity (as in deserving to be truly celebrated). Having had muscular dystrophy since birth, her positive attitude probably puts most people to shame. There would be no mistaking Jillian for anyone else. She is a visionary in that she refuses to be an outcast and embraces wholeheartedly her uniqueness: “It’s boring to see the same people; if you’re different, it’s sunlight in somebody’s world.” Amen. About Jillian’s don’t-think-that-I-can’t-have-style style: with her artfully coiffed hair, primary colors, and take-charge Hillary-Clinton blazer, Jillian says that she’s here, deal with it. She goes out at night, dates, travels, and basically not only does what the rest of us do, but she remembers to love life despite adversity. What is more beautiful than that? If you want to bask in the glow that is Jillian, watch her episode of the What’s Underneath Project above!

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What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Jillian’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
Watch other What’s Underneath episodes here, and stay tuned for more coming soon

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    wow, I love this interview. She is beyond positive and gorgeous! Thank you Jillian for sharing your amazing gift to be positive no matter what.

  • Madeline

    “that’s sunlight in somebody else’s world”
    so, so beautiful

  • o


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  • SW

    She is beautiful and this was inspiring – thank you.

  • Cour



    Luv her!

  • Kay

    I genuinely think Jillian Mercado is absolutely stunning. It is obvious that she has a beautifully charming face. And she is extraordinarily articulate. But I truly believe that her body is just as beautiful as the rest of her. After she took off her skirt, I was pleasantly shocked by how perfectly proportioned she was. She does not look “disabled” in any way, and I hope she never thinks of herself as such. Thanks for making this.

  • LT

    She’s so gorgeous! That smile. ..wow!

  • ten

    Oh, my. Jillian is incredible and her body is gorgeous! Wow! I am completely blow away. Thank you for sharing.

  • rawlawgirl

    I am left speechless by Jillian Mercado’s beauty and poise and in I am in ah. Further, I am left ashamed that I have thought of myself at ANY point in my life as anything other than beautiful.