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Leaving the Tabloid Bullies in the Dust

A SLU OG since her ’12 Closet, Tallulah’s spirit is as unlocked and gutsy as they come, so we couldn’t wait to take it another step deeper and take it all off, right down to her core. In oversized denim everything, to-die-for Gucci loafers, and a DIY dye-job that we’re obsessed with, Tallulah let it all hang beautifully out. She was so brave to let it rip about her journey with body dysmorphia, and its paralyzing, destructive mindsets, due to a teenage lifetime of tabloid bullying that is so despicable, we can’t imagine how these people sleep at night. But it’s Tallulah who's having the last laugh, finally finding herself closer to the future her, who was always in her head but had been far away from her reality. No longer interested in needing to be the life of the party, and feeling pretty in shirts buttoned up to her chin, Tallulah is happily focused on “letting the world flow from the fingertips” — that it to say, writing on her blog, the Clothing Coven, encouraging girls to replace harmfully competing over who’s skinnier with girl-crushes and mutual inspiration. We’re totally down with her directive to stop looking in the mirror at the outside and to trust that feeling like a princess everyday is a state of mind that comes from within. As Tallulah herself reveals, “For the first time, I like myself on the inside.”

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  • LeonardH

    I don't know who the monsters were that verbally abused Ms. Willis, but even in the photos of her as a child I could see that she was, and is, a beautiful young lady.

    Unfortunately, psychological experiments have shown that almost anyone can be brought to believe anything that the experimenter wishes them to believe. It is not a sign of weakness on the part of the subject, it's just how the mind works.

    The same thing applies to real life, too, as demonstrated in Ms. Willis' life to date.
    I certainly hope that this video helps re-enforce to her that the monsters were wrong.

  • Slade Cullen

    Tallulah, I hope you see this some day. I'm a stranger, so I hope my words will "count." I look at you and listen to you and I see such a beautiful spirit and such an intelligent mind, and yes, a beautiful body AND face. It hurt my heart to hear you say you had body dysmorphia and that it centered on your lovely face. I see so much potential in you, just from your two video interviews here at this site. I see openness and courage and lust for life; I see a flower that is starting to bloom, and I so very much hope that you will be reminded of your own loveliness (inside and out) and live your life from a joyful place.

    And yeah, do try not to read the b.s. that people will write about you. People's shit side comes out when they get online and decide to rip into someone else's soul. Try to remember, beautiful soul, that their hate says NOTHING about you or your worth and EVERYTHING about them.

    Live deeply, live richly.

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