Lina Esco, What's Underneath
Sneak Peek: Lina Esco in What's Underneath

We asked director of the movie Free The Nipple and leader of the real-life movement, Lina Esco to participate in our special new season of The What's Underneath Project.

Unwilling to settle for being caged for who she is, Lina wondered at a young age why there were no female voices in the bible. Her strict Catholic background led her to run away from home at 15 years old, where she ended up on the streets, finding the education of life that she had always craved among the camaraderie of artists and other outsiders of society. But her most significant encounter was with a woman who was so free in her body that she became a mirror to Lina’s profound anxiety over female oppression, as exemplified by her own inhibitions related to her body. “Why is she so free and why am I not free?” she asks. “Ever since then, there’s been something in me that has rebelled against that.” Lina's eyes were opened to why we only see women topless in a strip club and thus Free the Nipple was born, her powerhouse movement to create healthy images of women owning their bodies in service of women's liberation. As Lina explains, "If I were to make a movie and a movement called ‘Equality’ and nobody went topless --  no one would be talking about this issue."

This episode is part of a special new season of The What’s Underneath Project airing exclusively on Fullscreen, whose support brought them into existence. We’re releasing two transcendent episodes a week every Monday through October 10, and all eight episodes will be available for free when you sign for for the month-long free trial. We are grateful to Fullscreen for supporting us as independent filmmakers, and excited about the change that is possible when a new platform wants to expose their audience to content as authentic and thought-provoking as this. To watch the full episode sign up for your free trial.

Lina Esco
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Video edited by Pamela French

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