Jessie Kahnweiler, What's Underneath
Sneak Peek: Jessie Kahnweiler in What's Underneath

As a teen, the uncut writer and director of The Skinny Jessie Kahnweiler was nearly destroyed by the feeling that her emotional intensity and her curvy body were “too much.” In a culture where young women are conditioned to diminish themselves, Jessie told us, “I remember looking at Delia’s catalogues, you know? No, no, no, American Girl catalogues — sweet, pretty girls. I wanted to be fucking Minnie Mouse. I wanted to be adorable.” She turned to bulimia as a way to make herself smaller and empty herself of the bad feelings, a coping mechanism she struggled with for a decade until she hit rock bottom and found sharing her story as a road to her recovery.  Creating autobiographical videos about everything from bulimia to sexual assault, Jessie tackles the stories that terrify her most with an honesty you can’t help but see your most vulnerable self in.

To be wowed by the beauty of Jessie’s raw, unfiltered and hilarious voice, watch her full episode of The What’s Underneath Project on Fullscreen. Her episode is part of a special new season airing exclusively on Fullscreen, whose support brought them into existence. All eight episodes are available for free when you sign for for the month-long free trial. We are grateful to Fullscreen for supporting us as independent filmmakers, and excited about the change that is possible when a new platform wants to expose their audience to content as authentic and thought-provoking as this. To watch the full episode sign up for your free trial.


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Video edited by Pamela French

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