Grace Dunham + Christina Perri, What's Underneath
Sneak Peek: Grace Dunham and Christina Perri in What's Underneath

We are launching a special month-long season of The What’s Underneath Project in collaboration with Fullscreen, releasing two transcendent episodes a week that we are ecstatic to share with you. All eight episodes will be available during the month-long free trial. We are excited to share the first two episodes, featuring poet and activist Grace Dunham and singer-songwriter Christina Perri.

"Any system that tells you someone matters more because of what they have or whether you know their name is a fucking lie," states Grace in their episode. Skeptical of the status-obsessed surroundings of their Manhattan upbringing, they agonized over fitting into the box of 'perfect femme lesbian.' When their friendship with trans activist Reina Gossett opened them up to infinite possibilities of gender identity, Grace felt liberated to pursue a journey that defies simplistic categorization. "I don’t know if I want to be a man, if I want to take hormones, get top surgery, if I’m a woman. When am I going to fucking figure it out? I think self acceptance and self love is a process that might not ever come to an end.” To us, Grace's willingness to embrace the uncertainty of their gender is radical and liberating.

As for Christina, stardom hasn't shielded her from her true self. The former waitress from Philly juggled three jobs while posting her music on Myspace, unable to perform in public due to debilitating stage fright. But mere months after her best friend had her write down her dreams in a letter to the universe, she signed a record deal and never waitressed again. While her overnight success may be fit for a fairytale, her true strength is revealed by sharing the struggles that continued after her newfound success -- like getting sober and learning to be single after ending an unhealthy relationship. By confronting the darkest parts of herself, Christina harnessed her power to open up spiritually. "Do I have difficulty feeling that I’m beautiful? Yeah, but I love myself in all different ways too. I’m allowing myself to have this journey to be OK with who I am right now, and then be open and then allow love in."

To see Grace and Christina share their stores in their own words, sign up for Fullscreen to watch their full videos. We are grateful to Fullscreen for supporting us as independent filmmakers, but we are excited about the change that is possible when a new platform wants to expose their audience to content as authentic and thought-provoking as this.

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