Felicia Rosshandler and Edmundo Desnoes, What's Underneath
Sneak Peek: Felicia Rosshandler and Edmundo Desnoes in What's Underneath

When we first met Felicia and Edmundo in our Closets series, we were so inspired by the couple’s epic tale that we had to explore it in depth: what is underneath a century long romance?

Fleeing the Nazi regime in Europe with her family in a treacherous escape to Cuba, Felicia met Edmundo at a dance in Havana at age sixteen, where they fell in love. He stayed in Cuba to fight in the revolution and become a legendary writer, and she left Cuba for New York and started a family with another man. But everything came full circle decades later when Felicia attended a film screening based on Edmundo’s book in New York. As she reveals, “There was a scene in the film, a flashback about us. Suddenly I saw myself the way I had been when I was young up on the screen. It brought everything back for me.” Forty-five years after their first meeting, they reunited and turned their intense attraction into a lifelong commitment.

In a profit-driven culture that encourages fixation on youth and devalues the beauty of life’s  journey, Felicia and Edmundo, now in their late 80’s, reveal what real cool is - the messy, no bullshit, enchanting truth of love and aging. As Felicia explains, “If I lived my life over again, I don’t think I would live it all that differently. I’ve learned a few things, but I’m not sure I would even apply what I’ve learned. I think I’d make the same mistakes all over again. In a way, I feel as if the whole world is inside of me by now.”

To open your eyes to a true love story and feel awakened to the possibilities of finding your soul mate, watch Felicia and Edmundo’s full episode of The What’s Underneath Project. Their episode is part of a special new season airing on Fullscreen, whose support brought them into existence. All eight episodes are available for free when you sign for a month-long free trial. We are grateful to Fullscreen for supporting us as independent filmmakers, and excited about the change that is possible when a new platform wants to expose their audience to content as authentic and thought-provoking as this. To watch the full episode sign up for your free trial.


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