India, Elijah, Bailey, & Emmanuelle, What's Underneath
True Style Is Not the Clothes You Wear

We've asked a select group of individuals to participate in a project in which they will remove their clothes to honor how style is not the clothes you wear.

It is not about trends,
It is not about money,
It is not a facade,
It is not about wanting to be someone else.

It is comfort in your skin,
It is acceptance of yourself and others,
It is knowing who you are,
It is your spirit,
It is immaterial,
It is What's Underneath.

Part 1 features Elijah Pryor, Bailey Rebecca Roberts, Emmanuelle Linard, and India Menuez.
It was produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
It was edited by Adaeze Elechi

Stay tuned for part 2 of the What's Underneath Project... coming soon!

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  • Thank you for your honesty and sharing your feelings about who you all are. To the lovely woman in tears, ( I think Bailey?) such beauty! xo

  • Neil Davies

    Thank you...Xx

  • Amélie

    Love this video, they´re all so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Dharma

    Amazing and beautiful spirits!

  • ron

    thanks for this video . i hope the participants realize how powerful and inspiring their honesty is . you're all beautiful on the outside but more importantly you shared with us your inner beauty . thanks!

  • logan

    this is beautiful.

  • Nikita

    I love what (Bailey?) says about her body: that its her family; her father, her sister etc. Such a poignant and profound insight/expression. Really inspired me to think about my body differently. Even though for a long time, I've been ashamed of my father for who he is and the choices he has made, I see a lot of him in me physically and otherwise, which has created a lot of self-loathing. My mother is beautiful and slender - but I look almost nothing like her, and more like my dad who is shorter and chubbier! But he is also a very talented and hilarious person (even though he is mentally ill and has some very unhealthy addictions - much of which is his own doing), but I inherited those beautiful gifts as well which are more vital than appearance.

  • CodyandBailey Povich

    I would love to be part of this. Please.

  • Sonia Alahyan

    Is it possible for me to be involved in this as I would love if I could tell you guys my story.

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