Iskra Lawrence
The New Supermodel Won't Be Retouched Without a Fight
"We're sold the dream that a cream is going to fix all of your problems and designer clothes will make you feel good. You have of detoxify yourself of these thoughts."

“You think everyone else in the room is happy with who they are and how they look. But it's the opposite,” states model Iska Lawrence, who spent her teen years in miniskirts and fake nails seeking validation from boys since she wasn’t getting it from modeling agencies or herself. Dismissed by the modeling industry as “womanly” and “not edgy” due to her size (she was a US size 4), Iskra once worked for an agency so small that it was in the front of a woman’s house. Passionately committed to getting girls of her body type seen, Iskra took over the lingerie market and battled her way back to a top agency. Now, she graces billboards as the face of Aerie, and her story shows that true supermodels require neither retouching nor resizing.

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