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Confronting Grief with Nothing But Nature

“I was orphaned at 11. My sense of home was never a place. My adornments are my sanctuary,” Nai Palm, the frontwoman for the Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote, told us in our new episode of the What’s Underneath Project. And the “adornments” she’s referring to are eye-popping treasures that unapologetically exhibit her nomadic, earth-queen roots. After her beloved mom passed away of breast cancer, Nai Palm was separated from her five siblings and moved from big city Australia to countryside Australia, where she came literally came face-to-face with her newfound support system: wild animals. Whether it was grieving in her room with a full-grown male dingo or nursing a fledgling crow until it could fly on its own, the love this ever-approachable lead singer lavishes on native creatures is as conscientiously lavish as her own self-expression. As Nai Palm declared, "When you hit rock bottom, you can either wallow there or do something about it."

To see the depth of a bonafide punk Dr. Doolittle, watch the video above, then spread the word that healing can come from the most wildest and unexpected places by sharing Nai Palm's story with your friends and loved ones.

With warmth and love,
Elisa & Lily

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