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The Truth About Self-Acceptance

We asked the rapper Lizzo to be a part of the What's Underneath Project because she shows that self-acceptance isn’t about having it all figured out, but it’s about having the guts to admit that you (like everybody else) are a continual work in progress. I (Lily) relate to Lizzo's feeling of being overly self-conscious due to not being tinier than dudes nor reinforcing society’s notion that to be feminine is to be smaller than men. Most moving for us, though, was how hard and heroic it was for Lizzo to take off her self-described “Waka Flocka Flame” weave, which was the last thing she removed in her episode. We love how Lizzo shows how those that inspire us can be the same ones who conflict us:  “The idea of beautiful hair is completely warped. Beyonce’s my girl, but she’s a part of it.  When she wears that silky blond wig, I want to look like that. But it’s just marketing -- there’s no such thing as ‘good hair.’”

Elisa + Lily

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  • Lucy Light

    I know it's hard to believe people who contradict your insecurities (which are stubborn little bastards) but I'm telling you girl, you look awesome with your wig off. So beautiful, fresh, natural and real. Stop throwing your money away!

  • Blessed and Big

    You are beautiful. As the young lady below me stated; I too am white, with thin, fine hair, but mine is stringy straight. I am also big...6'1 and about 250 pounds. I learned to be the "big girl on campus, without a care in the world"! Your story is so much like my own. I appreciate you sharing it. Inside, my insecurities, were as big as I was. Here I was....a big ol girl...with hair, that was absolutely terrible. I always envied peoples "crowns of glory", aka beautiful hair. My entire life, I have just pull it up in a ponytail, because I was embarrassed and ashamed of it. Even professional stylists, can't do anything with it. Honey, your hair is gorgeous. You are gorgeous. Don't cover your crown of glory, with wigs!!!! Without it, you are so much more EVERYTHING are softer, more natural, warmer, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I felt your hesitation. ..but when you removed it, you seemed so free! You were an instant breath of fresh air!

  • MaggieMay

    Lizzo, The more you removed the more beauty was revealed. I love your body, skin, hair everything! I hate for you to waste a single minute on negative feelings. You have everything including intelligence and heart.

  • Babe, you are so cool and beautiful! 2015 Yaz Modası

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