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American’s Apparel’s 62-Year-Old Supermodel

About doing What’s Underneath, 62-year-old new-to-modeling Jacky O’Shaughnessy said, “It’s time to take the jacket off of the book and get to the essence. There’s an epidemic of poor body image for women, especially at my age.” You may have seen Jacky in her sexier-than-any-20-something-model American Apparel ads, but what you may not be aware of is the heart-wrenching lifetime of struggle she has had with self-acceptance that finally brought her to where she is today. Six feet tall by high school, Jacky couldn’t find anything that fit her except for men’s L.L. Bean, and it wasn’t an Annie Hall fantasy, she admits. By 23, she was hiding herself in muumuus, and each time she tried to shed the layers, out came the harsh criticisms regarding cellulite, fat ankles or any other number of taunts from men — a very sad commentary on the brainwashing of the ideal of what a beautiful woman is. One boyfriend even told her that she was too old to be seen in public with. We love the moment in Jacky’s video when she decided to finally release herself from the Dr. Kildare rubber gloves and let her drop-dead silver hair reign. “Learning to love myself was very hard; it took intention and practice,” she confesses. And it wasn’t until the actual day of shooting her American Apparel ad, after being discovered by them on the street, that Jacky was finally able to take a giant step into her powerfully gorgeous, status-quo busting shoes. “For the first time, I am good this way,” she states.

Jacky bears witness to our belief that style
Is not about trends,
Is your spirit,
Is knowing who you are,
Is What's Underneath.

What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Jacky’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
Watch other What’s Underneath episodes here and stay tuned for more coming soon!!

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  • This is something I have definitely been struggling with since I was little. These videos have come at the perfect time for me. I can't thank you enough for creating such beautiful content.

    So much love, Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • ava

    This is so special.
    Jacky is such a beautiful woman in every way, it brought tears to me eyes and made my angry, that she has questioned herself like that so many years of her life.
    And then I realized, that I am doing just the same. And then something clicked.
    Thank you for being so open, Jacky. You are such a beautiful, strong and charming woman.
    And thank you stylelikeu team, for starting this series.

  • Ikira Di Lorenzo

    This is incredible! She is incredible. How hard is it to stop picking at yourself and realizing.... i'm good like this too... made my eyes water. definately touched a nerve

  • Gayle Austin

    We hear the words "it's what's inside that counts", but still we. crave the validation that our "outside" is okay. We women judge other women based on their looks.... Real or Fake... Make Up or Natural...... Pretty or Ugly..... In Style or Out of Style...... It goes on and on but it's all based in OUR SELF ESTEEM. If we wear make up, make up is beautiful.... If we have not had cosmetic surgery, then "natural" is better. We have so much in common yet focus on the differences.
    Even in the headline for this video it talks about how a man thought she was too old for him to be seen with. Using fear to hook our attention. Afraid that we are not good enough. Your media advertising for this video capitalizes on the idea that we need to compare ourselves to other women. It isn't easy to stop caring what other people think, but it is the key to loving yourself and loving others.

  • Kelly Monroe

    I wish I could talk to Jacky. She is AMAZING. I can't stop looking at her face. It is so nice to see someone without botox!!!!!! I wish I were her friend. I am 57 and going through a divorce after 31 years. I would love to look as good as Jacky. I want to know myself like she knows herself!

  • Just Melcher

    Thank you...quite an amazing walk inside the thoughts of acceptance, approval and the battles we have with our most difficult and clearly our most fickle critic...ourselves. I felt embarrassed, angry, hurt and hopeful. I am glad and proud to be involved with this wonderful project.

  • notsobigspender

    I SO MUCH enjoyed Jacky's video. Although she's taller than me, I can absolutely relate to her - even down to the moments in the video where she became teary-eyed. As a young woman, mens' heads would turn when I went out in public. I even did some promotional modeling for Revlon. (Yes, I should throw it away, but I still have my portfolio.) I would purposely make myself uglier than I was so men wouldn't hit on me when I went out in public. NOW, even when I'm made up, men do NOT look at me. Luckily, I've been a petite woman my entire life. But that wasn't enough. As the wrinkles crept in, my self-esteem and confidence began to fail. I now find, that as a professional pet sitter, animals don't care what you look like. Although I do much of my own legal work, teaching myself new things all the time, I'm STILL struggling reconciling my "new" self with my "old" self, unable to cross that hurdle, where you simply have the ONE "self", your INNER self.

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