Amanda Palmer
The Indie Icon Gets Real About Motherhood & Relevance
"Like everybody, I am afraid of being insignificant. I'm insecure about productivity. As a woman who has always been working working working, it's hard having a child and just stopping."

“Feminism isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being honest,” says Amanda Palmer, in the first episode of the Summer ’16 season of The What’s Underneath Project. The consummate rebel, who single-handedly defied the music industry model to survive as an artist on her own terms, is norm-shatteringly honest about her path to motherhood and her fear of becoming insignificant, telling us, “It was a tormenting decision to have a child.” But just as Amanda has taken adversity to new heights of self-empowerment, she is now a mother with a cause to be full-on good with her mother self as she takes on the status quo: “My body is heavy (it just had a child), my tits are bigger, and my stomach is still soft and giant.  I’m going to look real and like the thing that I am.”

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Amanda's video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Kristen Johnson

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