Olivia Campbell, What's Underneath
I’m Not Curvy, I’m Fat
"Fat is still such a negative word. People think: How dare you be fat and happy... How dare you be fat and be having sex... How dare you be fat and be getting chatted up more than me."

When people tell the plus-size London model Olivia Campbell, "You’re not fat, you’re curvy," she replies, "No, I’m fat." Though she was bullied at school every day (to the point that she had to drop out) and violently groped on the street, the single mom is unshakeable in her belief that fat is not inherently ugly or fetishistic. With the same raw strength that she used to cope with her own mental health, as well as her mom’s and stepmom’s battles with cancer, Olivia deprogrammed herself from beauty standards that permit our culture’s sadistic, predatory norms. Now, a warrior for being confident and fat, by saying to herself, “I look good today -- look at that roll,” Olivia is now bursting open the beauty conversation.

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Olivia's video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Monika Baskiewicz

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    What a sweetheat <3

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