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A Cowboy Who Will Open You Up to the Power of Love

By way of Gail Chovan (the mother of the century and breast-cancer survivor who detailed her sartorial expression in her Closet and took it off for What’s Underneath) we’ve gotten to know her husband, Evan Voyles. He’s the grandson of a bonafide rancher who majored in art at Yale and is this week’s What’s Underneath luminary. Since meeting him, we’ve been captivated by his off-the-charts authentic style that would give even Springsteen a run for his money. “I’ve been told that I’m what everyone in LA tries to look like,” Evan states. The part-Cherokee lifelong Texan works in his work clothes until they disintegrate. As for those handmade cowboy boots and embroidered vests inspired by the Mexican Revolution, those are basically museum pieces. But what really has us swooning is Evan’s style of fathering. With Gail, he devoutly raises two magical twins, Zelda and Creed, each of whom are bursting with aliveness in the face of their life-threatening conditions. Whether it’s his story of seeing Zelda’s aegean blue eyes at the moment he realized she was blind or his description of Creed as a “fearless rock star who’s more me than I’ll ever be,” Evan’s journey will open you up to the power of love.

Watch Evan’s video above then share his and his family’s relentless strength with your friends and loved ones!

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