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A Beaten Body Can’t Steal Your Soul

Our second LA heroine to share her truth is former haute couture model, current urban organic farmer, and indestructible force of unconditional love Renee Gunter. She’s a SURVIVOR (and the all caps are necessary) who was brutally abused starting at the age of two and then endured the loss of five of her babies as she fought her way to become a nurturing, supportive mom, not only to her two children, but to her hometown in South LA.

To see how Renee’s vigilant spirit soared in the face of sexual assault, ​death, and racism, watch her video above.

With warmth and love,
Elisa & Lily

Thank you to Daniela London of Choose Love for providing the beautiful  wall for our Los Angeles episodes.

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Renee's video was edited by Andrea Cruz

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  • Cassandra TeLae

    So honest and heartbreaking, I wish I could embrace this beautiful woman who has experienced so much in her life thus far. Thank you for sharing your story!!! You are loved!

  • Terry Broadworth

    Powerful testimony, that will help someone, somewhere, overcome adversity...Thank you Renee.

  • Elizabeth de la Rey

    I think Renee is a true hero, a beautiful, amazing, lovable, inspiring human being. It broke my heart hearing what she went through 🙁 Sending love to you and thank you so much for sharing this story Renee. Sometimes I forget how powerful love really is. And how much little ones need our protection.

  • RJ

    Beautiful Phoenix risen from the ashes..thank you for being you and being strong and sharing your story. I also know loss and hug that 18 yr. old who felt so depressed and had no support...xo

  • Kelebek Travers

    I feel inspired after listening to you, Renee. Thank you.

  • ava

    You have such a beautiful voice and language. Thank you for using it and sharing your story. I am deeply impressed and touched. Of course, you're style is great too. What a woman a you are! Wow. I feel so inspired. Thank you Elisa and Lilly too!

  • AM Creating

    Your talk was so inspiring. You are so strong, resilient, caring, and committed to yourself, family, and neighborhood.

  • Leslie Michel

    Wow what supreme insightful perspective - with an eye on the vanishing point in her social/psychological p.o.v. When Renee mentioned the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?" It was obvious she knew there was more to life - and she manifested it!

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