Brigitte Aphrodite, What's Underneath
A Theater Girl Tears the Mask Off of Depression

Immune to the too-cool-for-school facades rife within the 20- 30-something age group, the playwright and singer Brigitte Aphrodite takes off her flamboyant armor and seriously takes down the taboos that surround depression. Unable to wash (although she loves a “bloody wash”) and able to socialize only with alcohol, Brigitte’s struggle reveal that there is no nice and tidy cure-all for depression. “People ask me, 'What should somebody say to someone who is depressed?' ” Brigitte tells us. “It’s not the words, it's just having friends and family to be there with you who won't turn their back.”

For all of Brigitte’s journey with depression, as well her adventures with Frunning and her objectifying experience as a Tequila girl, watch Brigitte’s episode above!

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Brigitte's video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Naomi Ranz-Schleifer

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What's Underneath
What's Underneath