Ziva Naumann

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Ziva was born in Palestine and worked for the Israeli underground, transporting food, documents and illegal arms. Her great-grandfather and grandfather were from Poland and had a textile plant that supplied fabric to Savile Row and the Russian Army. I can see her heritage coming through in the “guerilla tactics” she uses to monomaniacally pursue authentic clothing that does not have a stitch of machinery in it. She has the instincts of a bloodhound when it comes to the handmade details of anything from the Sinai or native in origin, whether it be Bedouin, Yemenite, Indian or Mexican. She rarely frequents a conventional shop. Accumulating happens in the most unconventional of ways, and Ziva is her own designer. When she saw a village of people wrapped in a fabric she loved, she stayed an extra night to have it made into a dress. She once bought a bag sewn from discarded leather strips made by a woman on the street. While in Jericho, she convinced the owner of a restaurant to sell her an embroidered jacket off his wall. As deeply as she is into every thread, Ziva is equally dedicated to family law assisting the working poor of Los Angeles, which she has been doing since 1981. Soulful and stylish, Ziva is our own modern day tribal warrior for the cause of being memorable.

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  • Mea

    Amazing! One of a kind and so inspiring.

  • marina

    Beautiful and inspiring… thank you for showcasing Ziva, there are precious few really intelligent people who don’t get the spotlight in this age of shallow celebrity idol worship.
    Please keep posting a good mix of age ranges, there’s a lot of us out here who are not 20 something!

  • Neil


  • Torr Love

    She must be god! So much knowledge, very intellectual.

  • Miranda

    Lovely, fantastic style with intelligence and integrity.

  • tziporah salamon

    Ziva is all these things – lovely, loving, smart, beautiful, inspiring, eternally youthful,and passionate about helpling others.
    She is a gift to all of us who have the privilege of knowing her and having her in our lives.
    Ziva is a treasure!!

  • Bill Naumann

    All of those comments are accurate. I know because yesterday (March 5) I celebrated the 32nd year I’ve felt honored to call myself her husband. I could add at least a dozen further encomia* about her cooking, hospitality, laughter, etc. but a reader might think I was exaggerating. I ain’t.
    Viva Ziva!
    *I’m buessing that’s the plural of encomium (look it up).

  • Nicole Sirkis

    Ziva you look wonderful and congratulations for your 32nd year maried to Bill. I am going to send this e-mail to all my friends to show them my sister in law with proud. If I am not wrong, I think it was me, who bought your first bedouin dresses more then 30 years ago. I wish you to go on until 120 year as we say in Hebrew with good health and beautiful.

  • , soooo many years ago. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you! Sandy

    Wow! Who woulda’ thought, sooooo many years ago!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes,

  • Sandra Applegate

    Wow! Who woulda’ thought, sooo many years ago!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes,

  • E

    Another intelligent self-assured lady – how do you keep finding these aristocrats? So inspiring – thank you.

  • Janice LaMoree

    So good to hear from you both. The world is much smaller up here in rural Oregon, thus it was extra fine to see Ziva and her treasures from all over the world. Next video should include handsome Bill as master of ceremonies. Love Janice

  • Yossi Ophir

    Congratulations on the wonderful presentation of Ziva’s wonderful and unique style .

    We are awaiting your arrival for Pessah

    Happy to hear from you both

  • janis w

    WOW, I love Ziva’s style feel and flair!! What a role model!!

  • Dimitris

    Bill great thought to take her to a wine village, but she is more precious than any californian wine.
    Congratulation and best wishes,

  • Ikuko

    Ziva! Thank you for your favorite collection of treasures, which shows that your have traveled far and wide all over the world. You look so strong and healthy as you used to be. Congratulations and Best Wishes… Good luck!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mofafafa Fariha Róisín

    Still one of my favorite SLU muses… Ziva is the embodiment of what it means to be a Renaissance woman, stylish, passionate and truly intellectual, Ziva is a role model for women all across the globe!

    And not to mention she has BRILLIANT clothes!!