Zamari Graham-Smith

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“I dress according to how I am feeling… I like the idea of an empowered woman who’s intelligent, but can turn a head as well.” Zamari Graham-Smith

occupation: sales director at Bess

Strong and statuesque in mind and body, Zamari could turn heads wearing a paper bag – she is virtually effortless in her skin. Like the women she has always been drawn to in a Helmut Newton photograph, she commands attention in her ability to communicate a strong sexuality in the most holding-true-to-her-power kind of way. Zamari dresses according to how she feels, and can carry off anything from her Jamaican-partly, rooted (she is English as well), ’70s-vibe patchwork jeans to a floor-length Haider Ackerman white silk skirt (its romantic silhouette makes me think of nineteenth-century Russian picnics in the countryside – I wanted to take it home with me). She says that she loves things that are “beautifully destroyed,” like her long and raw-edged kaftan-ish dress, and the haunting etchings in the wooden floor of her loft, done by a poet that once lived there. Next to my time with Zamari, the vision of this man’s words so passionately written and indelibly marked was one of the most memorable moments I have ever experienced. Zamari is a breath of fresh air in an era of reality tv show idols and fashion that hits you over the head with tasteless uniformity. A picture of Martin Luther King Jr. leading a Civil Rights march hangs on Zamari’s wall – the subjects wearing the most classic tweed and flannel suits. Just as Zamari honors these originals for the power they have in their convictions (and appearance), we honor her for wearing her heart and soul on her sleeve.

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  • E

    More like this please.
    What an interesting person….

  • lela

    Beautiful person! I want those jeans! Long live MaryJ!!!!!

  • vronka

    Perfection; the woman, the clothes, her accent, the apartment. (Better lighting for the photos would have been nice.)

  • tucson john

    awesome! very engaging and delightful!

  • irma

    So beautiful and interesting

  • karen

    Wow. What a great person to interview. LOVE her style (and the apartment).

  • Lebeth


  • domonique

    omg, one of my favorites, I AM IN LOVE.. .she is fantastic. . . a woman can be beautiful, but when she is smart, strong and confident, that is what makes them so special. She is very special and has amazing style.. . i just love the new batch of people you have been choosing elisa! brilliant!

  • Ms. Fab

    Her apartment!!! I want it now!

  • ally

    LOVE her! Her apartment, her clothes, her perspective, wow! She seems really honest and true to herself, and it shows in her aesthetic choices.

  • Cara

    so amazing and beautiful.. more people like this please, and less boring hipster!

  • Hiyme Brummett

    swweeet, as a nice Zamari..
    My dear friend alwayys and forever…

    with love,
    Hb 1o’

  • Makiko

    LOVE my Zamari!
    strong yet caring, smart yet chic.
    I always adore and admire her sense of style – she always knows what to do xxx

  • Veronica

    those jeans…dreamy :)

  • Black Devil

    Wow, where do you find these people? Her whole aura is just so inspiring. It makes me want to be like her. Not copy her, or dress like her, or be like her literally… but have that sort of personal elegance. When she walked up those stairs in that knit cardigan and jeans, I was just like “yes”.

    Such a brilliant minded woman, and a savvy ass dresser.

  • rle

    a strong individual. radical.

  • lyftime

    heck yeah!!

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  • mk

    from ikonika to the etched wooden floors, so perfect. she’s a gem.

  • Laura Mitchell

    This was so inspiring. Such refined style, which is hard to come by.

    StylelikeU is my favorite addiction.