Wamuhu Waweru

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“I love the fact that one can showcase the richness of culture with fashion,” Wamuhu says in what is her basic backdrop of jeans and a tee while piling on her luxe tribal accessories. In this case, showstopper brass earrings from the same designer in LA who made things for Chaka Khan and Diana Ross, a beaded head piece and Maasai body piece and espadrilles made of indigenous fabric. Tired of what she refers to as “funding oppression” in terms of what we buy, Wamuhu has made a conscious effort to affect change by supporting local economics, elevating communities and helping to put an end to supporting companies who are killing “our brothers and our sisters.” Born in Nairobi, Wamuhu remembers days when there wasn’t much to eat, “I’ve seen ways that nobody should have to live, so I totally understand what need and want really are.” Read More

Like many immigrants, Wamuhu rediscovered her African roots after an adolescence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She decided that she wanted to toss aside the mall culture for those roots a few years ago. Beginning with an end to the weaves and the perms and showcasing what is beautiful from her origins. Today, Wamuhu’s natural hair has carved designs that are as much a part of expressing the comfort in her skin as is her career of promoting not-for-profit music events, mostly in the vein of her heritage. In addition, she is taking a leap of faith in believing in herself outside of the strict religious guidelines of her family. At times, feeling free and at peace are at odds with hanging out with bums on Santa Monica beach and getting whisked on private jets to Vegas. Just like Wamuhu can take pieces of fabric and turn them into a kimono, or make red patent pumps and large feather earrings look timeless, she feels, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

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  • http://www.sofiamag.com Sarah Benavides

    Wamaru is awesome, Iove her style, especially the tribal accessories and the dress she wears in the first picture. The shoes are also really cute.
    I just discovered StyleLikeU, I love the concept. I’m all for diversity – in people, work, music, nature… life would be a bore if everyone and everything were the same.

  • http://mypeaceofjewelry.blogspot.com/ Zee

    This is what I’m feeling but did not have the words to express it. Thank you.

  • http://urbanjunglefashion.wordpress.com/ Urban Jungle Fashion

    I loved this piece. Especially the last line! She’s both beautiful and inspiring!

  • http://www.mixbliss.com Wamuhu

    What a great experience it was to be one of Style Like U muses! Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

    Thanks to all who have watched this and connected to it! It is a beauty-full thing to inspire and be inspired!
    Much LOVE!

  • https://teresasglobaladventures.wordpress.com/ Teresa

    Wow, I absolutely loved this! I went to Kenya recently and bought a lot of jewellery also. Her earrings are incredible!


  • Adazwhan

    is there a place to purchase any of Empress wamuhu waweru clothing and shoes online. im having visions of my summer wardrobe. please advise.

  • http://hudasnomadicadventure.blogspot.com/ Hodan

    another amazing profile, listening to her and seeing all these beautiful Masai jewelry took me back to Nairobi and the wonderful memories I still cherish.

  • Anne

    Hi I really liked your profile and man do I love your big Gold earrings!!!!

    I have to say I agree with your political and cultural view and I think your 100 % correct I recognize the ” lets pray thing” Its such a passive way of changing a situation.

    Also Im half Congolese but I was born in the Netherlands it saddens me what is happening right now. Also I went to Congo and purchased the printed fabrics that your also wearing colour me shocked when I learned that the garments are made in the Netherlands!!! I think what is most important for Africa is to produce its own goods and top exporting. Also I dont know why the diamons and other minerals are not compeletly controlled by the Congolese people like the Saudi 100 % controll there oil. Look how rich that has made them.

    Ok getting of my soapbox I want things to change but I dont know how it must be achieved. In the mean time thank you for showcasting your clothes but even more important is showcasting your thoughts.

    Anne ,dreamlovely-anne.blogspot.com

  • dre


  • Yas

    She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! And I love that she buys jewelry that has a meaning AND purpose to support somebody so she’s going on a two-way street; she’s not just thinking about herself when she collects her possessions; she’s taking others into consideration as well and that is beautiful.

  • http://meganmcisaac.com/ megan kathleen mcisaac

    wamuhu is one of the most incredible, kind hearted, and stylish women i know. she is a kindred spirit and i am blessed to call her a friend. i first became aware of her presence through this stylelikeu post, before i had any clue that i would end up living in LA, and am so happy our paths crossed.

  • Jayanti

    Beautiful lady with such artistic flair for clothes, jewelry and home!

  • Neha Kamdar

    One word to define this women is ”Charismatic”
    She has the most beautiful eyes that speak so much about her.
    Loved this video!!Thank you for sharing such positivity to the world!!

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