Ty McBride

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Ty is inspired by people who understand the difference between style and fashion, and is obsessed with things that are high-quality, essential, and long-lasting, like cowboy boots and Hendrick’s Gin, his nod to keeping it light and not taking himself too seriously (he has an action figure that “wears denim in an urban prison sexed-up way”). Ty is archetypal in his Pacific Northwest classicism meets Marais bohemian style. Pendleton is the rage of the moment, but the brand runs in his blood – Ty is the son of a cattle rancher from a town of 1,000 on the border of Idaho and Oregon, where his father has a charge account at the local Pendleton store. Ikat prints and Navajo everything, “grandfather” shawl collar cardigans, and the sublime vintage Frye boot are second nature to him, but when layered with his touches of “power lesbian” glasses, Oscar Wilde-esque neckwear, and prototypical handbags, his worldliness is apparent. He says that he is infatuated with “pre, pre-preppy” and “hyper-novelty” but with a bit of irony, like his torn Wrangler jean jacket from his teenage years. Not short on a passion for the timeless must-haves, he describes his basic tees as his “crack cocaine” and his local army navy surplus store as his “secret weapon.” Ty’s roots are so deep in Americana that it’s as though the branding on his arm with the insignia of his family’s cattle farm has marked him the crusader of time-honored chic. Any coincidence here that he is the “brand” specialist for the a company that produces the killer modern take on the huarache, Frye boot and Minnetonka moccasin?

Ty writes the blog for Jeffrey Campbell online.

  • Neil

    Very cute…X

  • nathalie


  • Rachelle Erb

    Ty has a unique style all his own–it is not a copied/duplicated version of anyone I know famous or otherwise. I grew up knowing this young man; his brother in my class in Vale, Oregon. Treasure Valley is a treasure, for sure–but in our time there, there were few people who had the knack of fashion as our Ty did. There are not a lot of places to go “shopping” for great new clothes except a little in Ontario (always 2 years back in fashion) or the better alternative would be Boise, Idaho. One great thing about Ontario and the surrounding little farming towns and communities in Treasure Valley is the availability of the All Powerful Thrift Store. They were a treat because if you didn’t have much money, you could always find a great outfit for little and no one would no any different about where you shopped or how much you spent. I, like my friend, Ty, could always get in the mind-set of a good “dig” and find something fabulous in a thrift store. Vintage is GOLD. Thanks for showcasing Ty’s style…he truely is a great example of one with great American spirit with a style all his own!

  • Mymy

    EO superpowers unite! xoxox

  • dirty dave

    He’s a true ORIGINAL & is DAMN hot in bed too !!!

  • Brandi

    OMG, love it. I had no idea that you incorporated eastern oregon into your every day fashion. So proud and and really love the western vibe. Love it!!!

  • dirty lady

    i love ty………… he is unique, uber talented and has a huge heart!!!!

  • http://www.stylelikeu.com elisa

    i have never laughed so hard on an interview, he is a blast.

  • Meagan

    I really want that bag that he doesn’t want to reveal where he got it… please please share the wealth!

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  • Hydrolyze

    Bless you… Yet one more outstanding blog post, truly the reason why my partner and I return for a wordpress bog habitually!


  • Tay

    I finally got to meet Ty at the SLU party and he turned out to be just as fun as he is in the video, a genuine character with exact taste.

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  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    I LOVE him. awesome and hilarious. I need to get a Ken doll.

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  • http://thequeenjosephine.blogspot.com Josephine

    THAT BAG. Obsessed. He’s hilarious, I love his aesthetic.

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