Timo Weiland & Alan Eckstein, Closets
Timo Weiland & Alan Eckstein

The fun-loving nature of Ferris Bueller is obvious in the “mishmash of color, stripes, plaids and polka dots” that Timo and Alan claim defines their style and designs. Timo says of their aesthetic, “We believe in ‘what your parents always told you never to wear.’” This includes turning upholstery fabric into pants, combining beachy muted stripes with sharp poppy-colored blazers and juxtaposing unlikely color combinations like red with pink. Despite their innovative and carefree approach to the classics, Timo and Alan also possess a definitive old world charm. Trench coats and grandfatherly button-up shirts reveal their old souls, the “Grumpy Old Men” in them. In fact, the singular and iconic rapport between the stars of that movie, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, is highly indicative of Timo and Alan’s relationship. Matthau and Lemmon had their own solo careers and made films individually, but it was as a team that they lit the screen on fire. Like them, Timo and Alan had other career paths before finding each other but ultimately decided to take the plunge into the fashion business together. The former had a consulting business and the latter, according to him, had a “failed” attempt at a music career in college. Still, I always say “there is no success without failure,” and Timo and Alan have found their creative and business groove as a duo. Despite the relentless pressure of being entrepreneurs, the inspired banter they share makes it seem effortless. They could barely contain their dynamic energy when posing for their SLU photos, constantly holding back smiles while camping it up, holding sunflowers in their beat-up Converses, oxfords, berets and all.

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