Tiffany Lee

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I love how Tiffany says that she is a million different labels, which for me is really saying that that she cannot be labeled at all. She says she subconsciously channels a pirate, Little Bo Peep, and Harry Potter, depending on the day. One of my favorites is her “homeless equestrian clown” look, in her high-waisted jodphurs, printed vintage shirt, black waistcoat, and lace-up boots. Tiffany is a wealth of originality – I love the satin head ribbon as oversized bow on the ruby Gucci blouse, the lapel as suspenders, the hand-painted Guns N’ Roses image on her vintage LV bag, and her ingenuity of wearing one dress open over the other, plaid over stripes. Much like she’s “all about” the fun she finds in wearing a miniature hat on her head, Tiffany is making jewelry by reappropriating something that’s “not considered precious,” but looks expensive. She got the idea when a friend made her a necklace made out of Shrinky Dinks that look like Andy Warhol.

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  • bj panda bear


  • kate

    the way that Beck’s style circa 96 in a white shirt with black bow has landed on Tiffany in a red Gucci shirt with her sisters black bow head band 2010 is so great.

  • Joey

    I am in love with everything about this girl. Tiffany Lee is awesome!

  • So

    Love, love love!!!!!!!

  • eua

    amazing!loooooove her