Thomas Crowley

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Thomas was one of those people that stopped me in my tracks when I saw him in the subway station, standing still as a monk in his prototypical custom suit – “two-toned shoes, patterned socks, and stingy brimmed fedora” perfectly shaped for his face – with his rich and passionate taste for modern classicism in dressing. Needless to say, he is not a fan of the “herd mentality” of fashion and prefers to say “style” when talking about his aesthetic. For Thomas, dressing sends a message to oneself and to the world about your place and value. I thought it was notable that he was reading a Zen Buddhist book called Ending the Pursuit of Happiness that addresses people’s anxious preoccupations with changing – he thinks of his own style as a constant evolution, rather than a trendy, sudden about-face. Everything from his handlebar mustache that he has been obsessed with having since he was five years old to his peak lapels, niches to place flowers and mother-of-pearl buttons on his suit sleeve to the orange silk lining in the jacket is thoughtful, deliberate, and consistent. Thomas’ icons are the time-honored kind: Steve McQueen in Bullitt inspired him to wear turtlenecks, and Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief provoked him to wear an ascot under a pullover. Never without the most perfectly fitted button-down, I felt I had to hide in my hugely oversized, ripped-to-shreds men’s Victorian shirt.

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  • Julia

    THE mustache!!! Awesome!

  • lela

    Very soft spoken! Almost puts you to sleep listening to him. But in a good way!(lol)

  • Mel

    I love this man! There’s something extremely interesting and timeless about him.

  • E

    Delightful and thoughtful.
    So much to see and share and enjoy.
    What a lovely man.
    Thank you!

  • Jonathan

    Thomas has affected my day. And, in addition, given me much to contemplate. Well done!

  • Amy E. Kirkpatrick

    I made those cufflinks! How perfect they are for Thomas! So great to see!
    Martha’s Vineyard

  • sarah

    Tom! I love you – I love your style – I love you my friend. What an honor to know you!

  • betz

    you are amazing!!!!

  • Rachel Shay

    Thomas embodies true style. He dons what feels right, as opposed to what other pele tell him he should buy. He is WAY too fabulous yo be my friend…but he is anyway! Love you Thomas.

  • Malcolm and Patti

    The Cat’s Meow….that’s our Tom!

    Malcolm and Patti
    New Zealand

  • Malcolm and Patti

    The Cat’s Meow…that’s our man!

    Malcolm and Patti in New Zealand

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  • M

    easy breezy cover grrrrl
    Thank you, TRC!

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