Telfar Clemens, Closets
Telfar Clemens

Telfar’s current collection is inspired by the book (un)Fashion, which is an anthropological view of the ways that people from different cultures adorn themselves traditionally, and without knowing it or trying, have iconic style. Multiple eternal concepts can be seen in Telfar’s clothes, with many of the ideas blurred together into one piece. He takes the classic polo and makes it modern and green by using recycled hand-dyed fabric, and garments that are sizeless and genderless in construction and shape. In another case, his shorts are lavishly layered and draped like a sarong, but easy for a man to wear and with back pockets like a jean. The result is “high fashion meets granola” – the designs are both archetypal and wearable. He is so taken with the evolution of what has endured over time that he sometimes builds underwear into pants (modeled after a certain Hasidic Jewish piece worn under clothes), and often pockets are within pockets within pockets. Telfar feels that with fashion, people build up a certain tolerance of what they feel they can and can’t wear, and he’s all about erasing that slate. As a kid, he hated feeling that some things were for a woman and not for a man – his trench coat, with a tinge of kimono, ties on the male and female sides. Telfar manages to be deeply conscious about his collections, while still remaining avant-garde.

Check out Telfar's website, where you can see his collections and purchase his clothes.

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