Tatum Mazzilli, Rocky Mazzilli and Louise Michielsens, Closets
Tatum Mazzilli, Rocky Mazzilli and Louise Michielsens

I've been waiting for a year to go to London and meet the the other three quarters of the already featured, Tiziano Mazzilli’s ultra-talented family. His daughter, Tatum (after Tatum O’Neill), his son, Rocky (after Rocky Balboa), and the mother of his children, Louise Michielsens. This family could be the emblem of what I believe is 21st-century thinking: both tribal (rooted) and futuristic (breaking norms) in both thought and self-expression. They work together, respect each other, have become stronger from their ups and downs, are each other’s best friends and most of all, help each other to grow and take flight. Aesthetic freedom and prolific creativity is an understatement with these four, and as Louise says, “Passion - if you don’t have it, how can you live?” Tatum says that she likes to overwhelm and does so with the piles of eye candy from her own accessories collection, Funky Bling. Colorful, with tons of icing (Swarovski crystals), Tatum’s pieces are conversation starters with words that tell stories and provoke ideas, like 'faith,' 'trash'' and 'bitch.' Not short on references, Tatum pulls from the punk and edginess of London, the glitterati of LA, hip-hop, and the cult and arty neon rave of Japan for her eclectic creations. Rocky designs the clothing line Year Zero with his mom, which is born from the idea of starting fresh and breaking boundaries. He is inspired by pop art culture, androgyny and everything cult, much like his newly realized feminine meets voodoo Goth warrior style. Once a celebrated “it” boy on magazine covers in Alain Delon-type suits, Rocky says that he felt soulless. It took some cutting away of shallow friends, a stint in the dark, illuminating journey of acting, and some “burning and destroying” for him to reinvent himself. Presently, he “plays with people’s minds” by finding comfort in his dark lips, face paint with religious imagery, and his own version of his family’s almost mystical use of voluminous amounts of statement jewelry. Louise, the ultimate bohemian matriarch, had ideas that were “way too big for Brussels,” where she grew up. Her kids have been deeply influenced by her fierce individuality, as can be seen in her partly shaved yellow head of hair embellished with a leopard painted scalp, piercings, and layers of plastic chains with toys as ornaments. Louise says that people are so taken with her queen of a far-off mystical planet appearance, that they reach out to touch her. Of her parents, she says, “When they would ask me what I wanted to do when I got older, I would say, put on high heels, lipstick and be a star.” She and Tiziano became fashion royalty with their clothing line, Voyage, as people bought tickets to go to their store in London (I stood in line outside of Bergdorf’s in the ’80s.) “I see a divergence in fashion in the future. We will have two levels in style, the UNIFORM (the clones and blind sheep that follow trends) and rhe DIVINE!" says Louise. “It was really important for me to have strong, individually-minded parents,” says Rocky. “We are not the most normal family, but we have morals,” says Tatum. My question is, if this isn’t normal, then what is?

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