Carolina K.

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At The Coterie, part of the ENK trade events, we interviewed designer Carolina K. about her one-of-a-kind and handmade pieces that help support designers in Peru, where she one day hopes to live. We love Carolina because her work as a designer is as much about creating authentic pieces as it is giving back to the people whose authenticity she is inspired by.

Video edited by Maxwell Schiano.

  • Lagelle

    0mg i spotted a textile/leather cuff she had for sale, where can I buy that? Someone please email me her info at Thanx in advance! <3 She's awesome and love her work!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaymie Levee

    It’s a great feeling to spend a good time with your family, where you don’t have to worry about the work and other things. Specially holidays gives you this opportunity to spend the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life with your family.

  • Jayanti

    Beautiful collections! Would love to someday own some!

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