Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, Closets
Sorcha O'Raghallaigh

The entire time Lily and I were interviewing Sorcha, I kept asking myself how someone this creative could get a job these days that would satisfying to her, short of being a designer of haute couture. Sorcha says that during her childhood in rural Ireland, she "never really wanted to be in the real world. I always wanted to be in dresses. We had a trunk at the edge of our beds, and I would always look through it for dresses and prance around in them all day." Sorcha's mom's motto, "If you are feeling down, get dressed up," is something she has taken to heart, as everything she wears and designs is rich with memories and meaning. The exploration and distortion of dreams and time in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" sparked the theme of Sorcha's senior project at Central St. Martins. She created a collection that reflected "a patchwork of her own life's reality," with clothes that are incredibly intricate. One of the most exquisite pieces I have ever seen is a velvet cloak from Sorcha's graduate collection that took weeks to make with many of her friends' hands in order to embroider emblems of her deepest feelings. "If the cloak could talk." True to her passion for things that denote and express, Sorcha wears a dress that she cut up around her neck for added richness, a Victorian jacket both backwards and frontwards, a baby doll dress that her mother wore when she was pregnant with her and, despite her love of high fashion shoes, faded Converse that appear over and over. Obsessed with religious memorabilia, Sorcha left me with a piece of her magical mind when she gave me a ring that I have not taken off, made of rosary beads and a cross that I believe is handed out at church. You can catch some of her magic on her website - I am kind of drooling. Check it out.

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