Simon Rasmussen

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Simon Rasmussen from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

You got to love a straight guy who has a tattoo that says, “I love my mother” and even further that it is in his native tongue of Danish. It’s also pretty charming that he speaks six languages, English, Swedish, Norwegian, a little bit of German and Spanish as well as his own. Every social movement has an art to it, even the phenomenon of Suburbia, which for me is a stretch because my experience of it has been mediocrity in a tomato soup can and not much uplifting to it. However, “suburban style”, or “people who have no style,” is as inspiring to Simon as the Parisian and Milanese “eldermen” he looks up to, in their classic fitted suits and sophisticated mix of colors and textures. His good taste can be seen in how intellectually and unselfconsciously he blends the opposite influences. Simon turns banal to edgy with his sunglasses purposefully placed on the back of his neck underneath his custom-made hats, Hawaiian shirts mixed with his favorite Commes de Garcons prototypical bermuda shorts, iconic vintage sweatpants (you would not find him in American Apparel) with his favorite again, Commes des Garcon white shirt and cardigan, and his Air Jordan Ones circa 2008. It’s ironic that Simon actually caught the attention of the actor who plays Kramer, the quintessential provincial dufus, while walking down the street with his signature shades on the back of his head. The actor was so intrigued that he was taking pictures of Simon. On our way out of his door on a sweltering summer night, Simon wanted to show me his affection for robes as outwear (I share the passion), especially ones he manages to swipe from hotels. He threw a timeless “Standard” one (as in the hotel) over his authentic campy, not a Tommy Bahama shirt, and out to dinner he went, explaining how he likes the drama and fun of how they flap in the wind when he rides his bike around town.

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